Conception to creation: How we create your jewellery

Conception to creation: How we create your jewellery

Unresolved, is dedicated to creating jewellery through the fusion of old age techniques and modern technology. 


Taking pride in jewellery is important. Manufacturers overseas creating cheap plated products ARE NOT an option for us. Instead using the perfect fusion of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship. 


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From CAD design to lost wax casting and meticulous hand finishing, we at Unresolved showcase our dedication to creating sterling silver jewellery that you want to wear.

Precision Design and Innovation: We harness the power of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to bring our creative vision to life with utmost precision. Through this advanced digital tool, our talented designers meticulously shape and refine each design, ensuring that every piece of our men's sterling silver jewellery is tailored to perfection. The possibilities become endless, allowing us to push the boundaries of design innovation and deliver captivating creations.

Lost Wax Casting: Transforming Ideas into Tangible Art: The ancient technique of lost wax casting breathes life into our CAD designs. Our skilled craftsmen take the wax models, painstakingly carving and sculpting them to capture the intricate details of the envisioned piece. Encased within a mould, molten sterling silver is poured, replacing the wax and revealing the raw casting. This age-old process preserves the essence of the design, resulting in tangible works of art that embody our unique aesthetic.

Hand Finishing: Elevating Craftsmanship: Our commitment to craftsmanship shines through our meticulous hand finishing. Each piece of our sterling silver jewellery undergoes careful polishing, refining, and perfecting by our dedicated craftsmen. Through their skilled hands, they add character and finesse, ensuring that every surface finish meets our exacting standards. The passion and expertise poured into this final touch elevate the jewellery to new heights of excellence.

Quality Control and Attention to Detail: Our unwavering dedication to quality is evident in our rigorous quality control processes. Our craftsmen meticulously inspect and refine each item, leaving no room for compromise. Stringent measures ensure that every piece of our sterling silver jewellery meets the highest standards of craftsmanship and durability. 

Our artistry in crafting men's sterling silver jewellery transcends boundaries, as we seamlessly blend modern technology with traditional craftsmanship. From the precision of CAD design to the transformative process of lost wax casting and the meticulous hand finishing, every step exemplifies our commitment to excellence. 


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